CidneOn 2019 – L’inventore

Projection mapping.

For CidneOn 2019 – Festival of Light in Brescia, Italy, WerffDesign teamed up with Coen van Tartwijk (www.wearespark.nl) and Michiel ten Caten to create L’inventore under collective name “DMC”. (Dutch Motion Collective)

Honoring the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, DMC plunges the audience back in time on a magical journey through his works. His curiosity and inventive imagination are tributed while his sketches are drawn from scratch before your very eyes projected on the castle walls.

Artistic content by: Werff Design (www.werffdesign.com)
Sounddesign by: Majorfifth (www.majorfifth.nl)
Technical assistance & Registration: Wearespark (www.wearespark.nl)
Technical assistance: Michiel ten Caten

  • Client: CidneOn